“Balance is not something you find, it's something you create. In every moment of every day.”

I'm a professional ballerina and a mother balancing my life both on and off the stage, in performance and in everyday life, between the highs and lows, between looking outwards and turning inwards. I'm both extroverted and introverted, I'm gutsy but also incredibly sensitive. For me balance is doing the work and letting go at the same time. It's the effort and the surrender, both a sense of control and a sense of abandon. It's real but totally intangible. Balance is discipline but also freedom. To me balance is deeply personal. It's alive, flexible and an extension of my creativity. Here I write about the daily adjustments I make along the sliding scale that is my sense of balance.

mental health

Mental Health in ballet dancers – let’s talk about it

World Mental Health Day was this week and there’s been lots of wonderful reminders floating around social media that help to drop the stigma around mental health and encourage us all to get talking, thinking, brainstorming, listening and communicating mental health. I’m pretty passionate about mental health, and I’m certainly not afraid to say it. It’s as everyday a part of…

Doubt – friend or foe?

Dancers can seem like quite extroverted people, immune from the insecurities and doubts of mere mortals. Yet like most artists, the doubt is just as present in our everyday practice as our need for self-expression. We put ourselves out there for all to admire or judge and in the same breath we are wondering if anyone can notice that we are trembling on…