A Balance Point(e) 12 Days of Christmas

As the Sydney season draws to a close with The Australian Ballet, it also signals the year winding down of a huge 2014 for everyone, including the dancers.

We are performing our last shows of The Nutcracker at The Opera House while other dancers across the world are treating audiences to their Nutcracker performances too. Young dancers are treating their parents to their annual Dance Christmas concert – it used to be the highlight of my dancing year when I was younger too!

When I was 4, we danced the 12 Days of Christmas at the Lord Mayor’s Christmas Carols at Riverstage in Brisbane and I was the little Partridge in a Pear Tree. I still remember by poor little arms struggling to hold up the ring I had in my arms but also that I couldn’t stop smiling the entire time.

Which all leads to the fact, that almost unbelievably so, Christmas is just around the corner. This thought is enough to bring a whole lot of anxiety, stress and pressure to a lot of people, which I wish was sadly not the case. You can feel the energy in the air as people are rushing around cities and shopping centres wired on caffeine and stress hormones rushing around their bodies.

People feel pressured to provide presents that are ‘good enough’ and often causing a whole lot of strain on the family finances. We all hope we can provide a Christmas that our loved ones enjoy and will remember, while looking cool as a cucumber on the outside of course!

We are aiming to please everyone, get to all the pre-christmas and day and evening events as if it was the only chance to catch up with loved ones.

We often stuff our bodies full of food without even taking the time to really enjoy the taste before rushing off to the next event, with the hope that showing your face will mean it was worthwhile, fighting the traffic along the way. It can also bring up a lot of stress for people who are missing loved ones on the day, it can be a really lonely day when you are missing someone special.

And afterwards we crash, our digestive systems and liver struggling to process all the food and our nervous system unable to sustain that level of stress. Not to mention the crankiness, puffiness, fatigue and headaches!

My Christmas wish as we head into the Christmas period is that we really become aware and be present in this period. I wish we can all experience the true indulgence and delight of spending time with loved ones and honouring ourselves with extra special self-care and self-love activities that we all individually enjoy.


“I wish that we can all stop to be thankful for what we have in this world; our health first and foremost, to be cared for my family and friends, to love those around us, to enjoy the simple pleasures of a delicious sleep in, or to mindfully relish a piece of home-made Christmas cake passed down throughout the family thinking of those who came before us.

To enjoy balance within and around the festivities, to celebrate each other and celebrate each other and ourselves.

To feel joy and to be mindful, to reflect on the year that has been and the one just around the corner where lies infinite possibility. To be grateful and thankful for our lungs that keep breathing throughout it all. And be mindful of our precious heart that never skips a beat but is full of boundless love.”


I would also like to share with you my own 12 Days of Christmas here at The Balance Point(e). Over the next 12 days, I will be posting here on the blog about some of my favourite things, not just for Christmas, but for achieving daily balance across the year. My very basic but essential Balance Point(e)s that are also useful during the stress and intensity that Christmas brings.

There will be links from my Instagram so make sure to follow me here too!

You can also check out my Balance Point(e) Christmas competition I am running on Instagram. You can win your very own personalised Christmas gift from me, so make sure you check it out and enter!


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