Reflecting on the journey so far + a Video

A few years after I began making some real progress on my own health journey, The Australian Ballet together with the wonderful people at The Apiary put together this little video about Health and Lifestyle.

It was originally shared on the Company’s blog Behind Ballet and is also accessible on The Australian Ballet Youtube channel here.

Along with Rudy Hawkes and other ballet colleagues, we were asked to share some of our health and lifestyle tips. I was lucky enough to feature in this video from a female point of view and while it was a few years ago, a lot of the same things still ring true. I was indeed on to some sound nutritional advice which has grown exponentially since. I’ve also continued learning more about my body and how I want it to feel.

As mentioned in the video, it still includes good quality food, lots of green vegetables, adequate protein, self-care activities like meditation and reading. Sadly, I don’t have the Oats for breakfast anymore as they can still flare me up even though not technically a gluten grain but I have many more creative options these days with rice flakes, quinoa, amaranth and more.

I am also a much better cook these days for sure, being creative in the kitchen being ‘the norm’ now!

It’s really interesting for me to watch this video from where I stand now. I was so proud of the progress I was making at the time with my health and knowledge and I am even more proud now, some years later, to know a whole lot more and still so much more that I don’t know. I have also developed as an artist and in my own life which is incredibly humbling to recognise.

When this video was taken, I was no doubt dabbling with being gluten-free but not being particular all the time – that one change saw me improve out of sight when I committed to following a gluten-free lifestyle.

It’s also good to point out, that between this video some years ago and now, there have been lot of ups and downs, it hasn’t all been rosy. I have had periods where I plateaued with my health, others where I got worse and certainly others where I felt better. It has never been a smooth ride and there will be more speed bumps ahead no doubt.

I never claim to be an expert and I don’t want to be and never will be. I am just on my own little journey of health discovery. And it’s still a lifestyle choice.

And yes, the humble Pineapple is an anti-inflammatory because of an enzyme called Bromelain. Derived from pineapple stems, bromelain is finally gaining recognition for its natural pain-relieving effects. Scientists have recently shown that bromelain provides powerful anti-inflammatory properties without the problems associated with drug therapy.

Bromelain has long been known to contain powerful proteolytic (protein-digesting) enzymes, which are also beneficial in digestive enhancement. New studies reveal that enteric-coated bromelain provides potent systemic anti-inflammatory effects.

Over the past seven years, several human clinical studies reveal that bromelain-based formulations are as effective and potentially even more effective than anti-inflammatory prescription drugs in relieving pain and inflammation.

Who would have thought that Pineapple was one of nature’s anti-inflammatory secrets.


What are you favourite ways to lead a healthy lifestyle?


Have a watch and let me know what you think and leave a comment below!

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