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6 ways to kick-start your digestion in the morning

It’s been said time and time again that all good health or disease starts in the gut.  For me, this couldn’t be more true. What you might not realise is that our digestive systems do more than just digest (or in-digest) the food we eat. Our digestive systems also digests every aspect of our lives and assimilates into the body everything that…

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Healthy eating – has it gone too far?

Healthy eating and nutrition can seem like a really bad green smoothie – bitter to taste and hard to swallow. Too many ingredients all chopped up until you don’t know what’s what anymore. The resulting indigestion and fullness but wanting for something else to actually chew. There’s sharp bits that scratch your throat on the way down but you swallow…

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Natural Deodorant – does it really work?

Natural Deodorant – a contentious issue for many. I can see people shaking their heads, squirming in their seats and drawing the line that a natural alternative to smelling fresh and not offending others with body odour could even come close to working. I hear you but just hear me out a little on this one… Well, not all products…