It has been a while + some life changing things


It has been a while.

In fact a very little while. A life changing little while.

Somehow I don’t think you can even call it a while anymore.


Seasonal sojourn

Perhaps it is more appropriate to say it’s been a season or two?!

What started as a summer sojourn from The Balance Point(e) blog has quite rapidly turned into more of an Autumnal hiatus! But not without good reason of course.

You see there have been some big things happening here at The Balance Point(e) – life changing things.


Awesome, inspiring, daunting, overwhelming, time-consuming, wonderful, beautiful things.


And the good news readers, is that slowly but surely I am moving out of the Autumnal hiatus and into the light where I will be sharing with you all again.

Bit by bit.

It’s not completely unlike me to achieve great things with so much energy and enthusiasm and then crawl back into my safe space so that the life changing moments can settle in and so I can prepare for the next round. It is an ebb and flow, it’s my natural way to be. I used to feel like this was a major character flaw, an inability to commit the whole way, but I have come to appreciate it is just my way. My creative way.

It seems to work for me and it’s the very way I can maintain my balance in life when all the big and little things are going on around and within me.

There is nothing wrong with taking some time out, however long you may need. I needed a good while so it seemed. Not for anything bad, just some resettling or recalibrating with my life’s malleable agenda.

But I can say there are rumblings afoot here at the modest space I call my blog. Pretty amazing life changing things and I can’t wait to share them with you soon – very soon.


Peace amongst the clouds


Watch this space in the coming week…


With much love, excitement, peace and gratitude as always,

Dana xxx

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