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My Wellbeing Circle – Naturopath Jill Thomas

Although I have learned a lot about health and wellbeing over the past 10 or so years, I haven’t made it to this point by myself. I have read a lot of books, done my own research into ways to improve wellbeing and there’s been a lot of trial and error with more natural remedies, some more successful than others! Most importantly,…

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Burt’s Bees – a natural answer to Lipsmackers

Remember the days when we all collected Lipsmackers and showed them off at school? Teenagers the world over were obsessed with coating their lips almost constantly with the latest flavour. So many flavours…. Lip Balm used to be a young girl’s entry to the make up world – just quietly, I think things have moved a little beyond some fruity flavoured…

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Natural Deodorant – does it really work?

Natural Deodorant – a contentious issue for many. I can see people shaking their heads, squirming in their seats and drawing the line that a natural alternative to smelling fresh and not offending others with body odour could even come close to working. I hear you but just hear me out a little on this one… Well, not all products…